1. 2020
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  3. Exploring biomarkers of the viral reservoir and anti-viral CD8+ T cell responses : towards a functional cure of HIV-1: / Adams, Philipp Alexander.

    Antwerp : University of Antwerp, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, 2020. 180 blz.

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  4. Host transcriptomic signature as alternative test-of-cure in visceral leishmaniasis patients co-infected with HIV. / Adriaensen, Wim; Cuypers, Bart; Cordero, Carlota F; Mengasha, Bewketu; Blesson, Séverine; Cnops, Lieselotte; Kaye, Paul M; Alves, Fabiana; Diro, Ermias; van Griensven, Johan.

    In: EBioMedicine, Vol. 55, 2020, blz. 102748.

    Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftA1: Web of Science-artikel

  5. Outreach HIV testing using oral fluid and online consultation of the results: pilot intervention in Catalonia. / Agustí, Cristina; Muñoz, Rafael; González, Victoria; Villegas, Luis; Fibla, Joan; Meroño, Mercè; Capitán, Alberto; Fernàndez-López, Laura; Platteau, Tom; Casabona, Jordi.

    In: Enfermedades Infecciosas y Microbiologia Clinica, 2020.

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  6. Care through digital connections: enacting elder care through everyday information and communication technologies (ICTs) in Indian transnational families. / Ahlin, Tanja.

    Amsterdam : University of Amsterdam, 2020. 175 blz.

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  7. Responding to health needs of women, children and adolescents within Syria during conflict: intervention coverage, challenges and adaptations. / Akik, Chaza; Semaan, Aline; Shaker-Berbari, Linda; Jamaluddine, Zeina; Saad, Ghada E.; Lopes, Katherine; Constantin, Joanne; Ekzayez, Abdulkarim; Singh, Neha S.; Blanchet, Karl; DeJong, Jocelyn; Ghattas, Hala.

    In: Conflict and Health, Vol. 14, Nr. 1, 37, 2020.

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  8. Whole blood stimulation assay as a treatment outcome monitoring tool for VL patients in Ethiopia: a pilot evaluation. / Aleka, Yetemwork; Ibarra-Meneses, Ana Victoria; Workineh, Meseret; Tajebe, Fitsumbrhan; Kiflie, Amare; Tessema, Mekibib Kassa; Melkamu, Roma; Tadesse, Azeb; Moreno, Javier; van Griensven, Johan; Carrillo, Eugenia; Adriaensen, Wim.

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  9. The importance of visual inspection in national quality assurance systems for medicines. / Ali, Gamal Khalafalla Mohamed ; Ravinetto, Raffaella; Alfald, Abubakr Abdelraouf .

    In: Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice, Vol. 13, 2020, blz. 52.

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  10. Implications of asymptomatic infection for the natural history of selected parasitic tropical diseases. / Alvar, Jorge; Alves, Fabiana; Bucheton, Bruno; Burrows, Louise; Büscher, Philippe; Carrillo, Eugenia; Felger, Ingrid; Hübner, Marc P; Moreno, Javier; Pinazo, Maria-Jesus; Ribeiro, Isabela; Sosa-Estani, Sergio; Specht, Sabine; Tarral, Antoine; Wourgaft, Nathalie Strub; Bilbe, Graeme.

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  11. An evaluation of self-management outcomes among chronic care patients in community home-based care programmes in rural Malawi: a 12-month follow-up study. / Angwenyi, Vibian; Bunders-Aelen, Joske; Criel, Bart; Lazarus, Jeffrey V; Aantjes, Carolien.

    In: Health & Social Care in the Community, 2020.

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