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Background: Both immediate or deferred switching from a PI/r to DTG may improve lipid profile.

Methods: NEAT022 is a European, open label, randomized, trial. HIV-infected adults ≥ 50 years or with a Framingham score ≥10% were eligible if HIV RNA < 50 copies/mL. Patients were randomized to switch the PI/r to DTG immediately (DTG-I) or to deferred switch at week 48 (DTG-D) . Week 96 end-points were: proportion of patients with HIV RNA < 50 copies/ml, percentage change of lipid fractions and adverse events.

Results: 415 patients were randomized: 205 to DTG-I and 210 to continue PI/r plus a deferred switch (DTG-D) at week 48 . The primary objective of non-inferiority at week 48 was met. At week 96, treatment success rate was 92.2 % in DTG-I arm and 87% in DTG-D arm (difference 5.2%, 95% CI -0.6 to 11). There were 5 virological failures in the DTG-I arm and 5 (1 while on PI/r and 4 after switching to DTG) in the DTG-D arm without selection of resistance mutations. There was no significant difference in terms of grade 3 or 4 AE´s or treatment modifying AE´s. Total cholesterol and other lipid fractions (except HDL) significantly (p<0.001) improved both after immediate and deferred switching to DTG overall and regardless of baseline PI/r strata.

Conclusions: Both immediate and deferred switching from a PI/r to a DTG regimen in virologically suppressed HIV patients ≥ 50 years old or with a Framingham score ≥10% was highly efficacious, well tolerated and improved lipid profile.

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