The neglected zoonotic cestodeTaenia soliumis endemic in many low- and middle-income countries, including Zambia. The parasite infects humans and pigs, inflicting high socioeconomic and disease burdens in endemic areas. Health education is regarded as an important component inT.soliumcontrol and previous studies indicate that 'The Vicious Worm' may be an effectiveT.soliumhealth education tool for Tanzanian medical and agricultural professionals and Zambian primary school students. This study aimed to assess the effects of health education using 'The Vicious Worm' among Zambian pork supply chain workers, because the pork supply chain greatly influences food safety and security in Zambia. Half-day educational workshops using 'The Vicious Worm' and subsequent follow-up sessions were organized in the Lusaka and Katete districts of Zambia in March and April 2019. Questionnaires were administered before, after, and three weeks after the use of 'The Vicious Worm' to assess the program's impact on knowledge uptake and short-term retention. Focus group discussions were conducted to assess the program's user experience and the participants' beliefs, attitudes, and insights. In total, 47 pork supply chain workers participated: 25 from Lusaka and 22 from Katete. Overall, knowledge aboutT.soliumwas significantly higher (p

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