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Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines are indicated for anal cancer prevention, but evidence for vaccine effectiveness (VE) against anal HPV infections among women is limited. We estimated the VE (≥1 dose) against anal HPV positivity of the bivalent vaccine, whose target types HPV-16/18 are associated with approximately 90% of HPV-related anal cancers. Among 548 female STI clinic visitors 16-24 years old who provided an anal swab sample as part of a repeated cross-sectional survey, VE against HPV-16/18 was 89.9% (95% confidence interval, 63.0%-97.2%). Type-specific VE correlated well with VE against cervicovaginal HPV (Spearman ρ = 0.76), suggesting comparable effectiveness of HPV-16/18 vaccination against genital and anal infections.

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