1. HIVERA: Harmonizing Integrating Vitalizing European Research on AIDS/HIV

    Gryseels, B. & Kraus, S.

    European Commission


    Project: Onderzoeksproject

  2. EUROPRISE: European Vaccine and Microbicides Enterprise

    Jespers, V., Delvaux, T. & Everaert, R.

    European Commission


    Project: Onderzoeksproject

  3. Eurosupport VI: Developing a training and resource package for improving the sexual and reproductive health of people living with HIV/AIDS

    Nöstlinger, C., BORMS, R., LEGRAND, A., BOGNER, J., UBERTI-FOPPA, C., IZDEBSKI, Z., TAVIRA Tavora, L., STANEKOVA, D., GORDILLO, V., KOK, G., KOCSIS, A. & Everaert, R.

    European Commission - Executive Agency for Health & Consumers


    Project: Onderzoeksproject

  4. TRYPA MODEL: Molecular dialogue between parasite and hosts : the trypanosome model

    Coosemans, M. & Desager, S.

    Belgian Science Policy Office


    Project: Onderzoeksproject