Veerle Lejon graduated in 1993 at the Biochemistry department of the University of Antwerp.  She started research on sleeping sickness or human African trypanosomiasis in 1994 at the Parasitology department of ITM. 

During her PhD, Veerle spent several months in trypanosomiasis treatment centres in Ivory Coast and DR Congo, developing and trying out new diagnostics for sleeping sickness. 

In 2002 she obtained her PhD entitled: “Neuro-inflammation in human African trypanosomiasis: a basis for improved stage determination”. 

In 2005, she spent one year at Mc Gill University (Montreal, Canada), exploring the use of proteomics for development of better diagnostics. At present, she continues research on sleeping sickness diagnostics, staging and follow-up. 

Veerle teaches modules on trypanosomiasis and diagnostics in the “Master in Tropical Neurosciences and Parasitology course ”organized by the University of Limoges, and the International Course on African Trypanosomiases organized by WHO.  As a diagnostic expert, she is frequently invited by WHO to give diagnostic trainings for health care personnel in sleeping sickness endemic areas.

Research lines

  • Development of serologic & parasitological tests for sleeping sickness
  • Stage determination and follow-up in sleeping sickness
  • Effect of B-cell stimulation in sleeping sickness on protection against, and
    rapid diagnostic tests for other infections

ID: 5111