1. Functional characterization of Leishmania throughout in vitro biological cycle: the quest for a quiescent stage among amastigotes. / Jara Portocarrero, Marlene.

    Antwerp : University of Antwerp, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, 2019. 208 blz.

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  2. Macromolecular biosynthetic parameters and metabolic profile in different life stages of Leishmania braziliensis : amastigotes as a functionally less active stage. / Jara, Marlene; Berg, Maya; Caljon, Guy; de Muylder, Geraldine; Cuypers, Bart; Castillo, Denis; Maes, Ilse; Orozco, María Del Carmen; Vanaerschot, Manu; Dujardin, Jean-Claude; Arevalo, Jorge.

    In: PLoS ONE, Vol. 12, Nr. 7, 2017, blz. e0180532.

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ID: 889766