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Anna Rosanas-Urgell graduated as a Biologist by the University of Barcelona and obtained a PhD in Genetics by the same university in 2004.

She spent two years as a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of São Paulo investigating P. vivax spleen evasion mechanisms and establishment of chronic infections, and 6 months at the Hospital of Tropical Medicine in Manaus. In 2007, she joined CRESIB (Barcelona) and moved to the Institute of Medical Research in Madang, Papua New Guinea. In 2009, she was appointed Head of the Molecular and Epidemiology Unit.

In October 2012, Prof. Rosanas-Urgell joined the Institute of Tropical Medicine as tenure-track-professor and Head of the Unit of Malariology.

Research lines of the Unit focuses on (i) factors determining malaria transmission, (ii) drug resistance and (iii) P. vivax invasion mechanisms.

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