1. PReGo: Preventing and Containing Resistance in Gonorrhoea

    Kenyon, C., Buyze, J., Crucitti, T., Vuylsteke, B., Baeten, E., Yusuf, E., De Wit, S., Pirnay, J. & Soentjens, P.

    Fonds voor Wetensch. Onderzoek


    Project: Onderzoeksproject

  2. Cell-associated HIV-RNA as a superior marker of treatment success or failure

    Pannus, P., Vanham, G., Fransen, C. & Vandekerckhove, L.


    Project: DoctoraatsprojectAcademisch onderzoek

  3. Characterisation of biofilm associated with bacterial vaginosis

    Hardy, L., Buvé, A., Crucitti, T., Jespers, V. & Vaneechoutte, M.


    Project: DoctoraatsprojectAcademisch onderzoek

  4. PrEP: HIV Prevention with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

    Laga, M., Fransen, C., Kenyon, C. & Everaert, R.

    Agency for Innovation by Science & Technology


    Project: Onderzoeksproject

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