1. SKIN-Leish: Infectiousness in asymptomatic carriers of L. Donovani

    Boelaert, M., Cloots, K., Hasker, E., Van der Auwera, G., Karki, P., Sundar, S. & Everaert, R.

    Flemish Government - Department of Economy, Science & Innovation, Interne ITG


    Project: Onderzoeksproject

  2. Estimation of the risk of developing resistance to anti-leishmanial drugs

    HEFNAWY, A. E., Dujardin, J. & Valkenborg, D.


    Project: DoctoraatsprojectAcademisch onderzoek

  3. Development and appliation of cellular and molecular tools for monitoring miltefosine resistance in Leishmania donovani isolates from Nepal

    Rai, K., Dujardin, J., Decuypere, S., Dujardin, J., Maes, L., Rijal, S. & Bhattarai, N. R.

    1/01/10 → …

    Project: DoctoraatsprojectAcademisch onderzoek

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