1. PReGo: Preventing and Containing Resistance in Gonorrhoea

    Kenyon, C., Buyze, J., Crucitti, T., Vuylsteke, B., Baeten, E., Yusuf, E., De Wit, S., Pirnay, J. & Soentjens, P.

    Fonds voor Wetensch. Onderzoek


    Project: Onderzoeksproject

  2. Use of network modeling to better understand STI epidemiology

    Tsoumanis, A., Kenyon, C. & Hens, N.

    28/08/17 → …

    Project: DoctoraatsprojectAcademisch onderzoek

  3. Latent Variable Models in Diagnostic Medicine with Applications to Visceral Leishmaniasis Research

    Menten, J., Boelaert, M., Lesaffre, E. & Verbeke, G.


    Project: DoctoraatsprojectAcademisch onderzoek

  4. Methodological and ethical challenges in sponsorship of non-commercial North-South collaborative research

    Ravinetto, R., Boelaert, M., Casteels, M. & De Nys, K.


    Project: DoctoraatsprojectAcademisch onderzoek

  5. WANETAM PLUS: Towards strenghtening of the West African Node of excellence for TB, AIDS & Malaria

    de Jong, B., Kestens, L., Ravinetto, R. & Janssens, N.

    European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership


    Project: Onderzoeksproject

ID: 4292