1. ALERRT: African CoaLition for Epidemic Research, Response and Training

    van Griensven, J. & Baert, E.

    European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership


    Project: Research Project

  2. BICMINS III: Building institutional capacity at the Mozambique INS, Phase III

    Decuypere, S.

    Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs - Development Cooperation


    Project: Development project

  3. Eliminatie van slaapziekte in DRC

    Boelaert, M. & Everaert, R.



    Project: Development project

  4. EPI-PIG: Investigation of the pathological mechanisms of seizures in T. solium neurocysticercosis

    Trevisan, C., Dorny, P., Gabriël, S., Mwape, K. E. & Debois, D.

    Institute of Tropical Medicine, DIVERSE KLANTEN


    Project: Research Project

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