Clinical Reference Laboratory

Postal address
Nationalestraat 155
Phone: +32(0)32476331

Research expertise

Patrick Nys is employed as a quality manager in the HIV/STI reference laboratory. He began his research in the unit Infection Diseases Research, under the direction of Professor Peter Piot.

Experiences: culture and identification of bacteria, bacterial and viral serology, gas chromatography, lyophilization of bacterial germs.

Later he switched to the Virology unit, and he gained further experience in the cultivation of HIV in a BSL3. Various publications are from this period. He was also involved in the construction of the new BSL3-amenities at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in 2004.

By reorganization he came in 2005 at the AIDS reference laboratory, where he worked as a quality Manager. At a later stage (2008) the unit was extended to the reference laboratory for HIV/STI, where he is still quality Manager.

He is also a secretary of the Works Council and of the Departmental Council of Clinical Sciences, Member of the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work, Member of the Corporate Safety intervention team, Safety Promotor of the Reference Laboratory for HIV/STI and member of the trade union FGTB/BBTK within the Institute of Tropical Medicine.

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