HIV/STD Clinic

Postal address
Nationalestraat 155
Phone: +32(0)32476639

    Research areas

  • B780-tropical-medicine
  • B570-sexuality - HIV, STI

Services expertise

I'm working as a clinical doctor in the HIV/STI-clinic, for the treatment and follow-up of patients living with HIV/AIDS and/or STI. I'm also working as the coordinator of the “Helpcenter”, a low threshold centre for VCT and STI screening for high risk groups: especially migrants coming from endemic regions, men having sex with men, … The main objective is the secondary prevention of HIV: diagnosis of unknown infection. It includes primary prevention, HIV-testing and counseling, organizing and assuring the follow-up of HIV-positive persons at one of the specialized centers in Belgium.

Teaching expertise

HIV: the multidisciplinary approach

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