1. PEOPLE: Post exposure prophylaxis for leprosy in the Comoros and Madagascar

    de Jong, B., Hasker, E., Braet, S., Geluk, A., Cambau, E., Gaudin, C., Andrianarivelo, M. R., Assoumani, Y. & Stas, M.



    Project: Research Project

  2. SKIN-Leish: Infectiousness in asymptomatic carriers of L. Donovani

    Boelaert, M., Cloots, K., Hasker, E., Van der Auwera, G., Karki, P., Sundar, S. & Everaert, R.

    Institute of Tropical Medicine, Flemish Government - Department of Economy, Science & Innovation


    Project: Research Project

  3. R2STOP Leprosy: Improved understanding of ongoing transmission of leprosy in the Comoros, a region hyperendemic for the disease

    de Jong, B., Hasker, E., Assoumani, Y., Suffys, P. & Janssens, N.

    Research to STOP neglected tropical disease transmission


    Project: Research Project

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ID: 6811