1. Primary Health Care improvement in Benin: which model(s) of practice work for First-Line Medical Doctors?

    Bello, O. A. K., Criel, B., Apers, L., De Lepeleire, J. & Zannou, M.

    1/04/18 → …

    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  2. Feasibility of patient-centred care approaches at primary health care level in sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Uganda

    Waweru, E., Criel, B., Broerse, J., Gruénais, M. & Ssengooba, F.

    12/01/17 → …

    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  3. Local models for chronic care and self-management support in Southern Malawi

    Angwenyi, V., Criel, B., Bunders, J. & Aantjes, C.

    12/01/17 → …

    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  4. Management matters: the impact of district level management capacity on health outputs.

    Prashanth Nuggehalli, S., Criel, B., Macq, J. & Devadasan, N.


    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  5. Exclusion from health: withheld citizenship of indigenous people in South India

    Soors, W., Criel, B., Wouters, E. & Dierckx, D.

    14/07/14 → …

    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  6. The challenge of equitable perinatal mental health coverage through local health systems in rural Uganda

    Sarkar, N., Criel, B. & Bunders - Aelen, J. G. F.

    30/04/15 → …

    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  7. Opening the black box of performance-based financing (PBF) in the health sector: a case study on motivation, rent seeking behavior and M&E in Uganda

    Renmans, D., Criel, B., Holvoet, N. & Garimoi Orach, C.


    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research, Academic research

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