1. Cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome risk assessment of Bolivian adolescents

    Baya Botti, A. M., Kolsteren, P. & Kolsteren, P.


    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  2. Effects of prenatal micronutrients and fortified-food supplementation on children health and development

    Lanou, H. B., Kolsteren, P., Van Camp, J. & Kouanda, S.


    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  3. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for child growth, development and gut integrity

    BOUCKAERT, K., Kolsteren, P. & Van Camp, J.


    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  4. Strengthening the role of local health systems to improve chronic disease care for urban poor in India

    Bhojani, U. M., Kolsteren, P., Criel, B., De Henauw, S. & Devadasan, N.


    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  5. SUNRAY: Sustainable nutrition research for Africa in the years to come

    ANSELME MARC Dossa, R., HOLDSWORTH, M., KRUGER, A., CAVERO, T., PERSSON-Andrianasitera, N., KINABO, J., PEPPING, F., Garimoi Orach, C., Kameli, Y., Amoussa, W., Nago, H. E. S., MAMIRO, P., RENKEMA, M., COMLAN EVARISTE, M., MSUYA, J., RABIINGE, R., Kolsteren, P. & Ceulemans, M.

    European Commission


    Project: Research ProjectDevelopment research

  6. PREGACT: Safe and efficacious artemisinin-based combination treatments for African pregnant women with malaria.

    D'Alessandro, U. & Desager, S.

    European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership


    Project: Research Project

ID: 4265