1. Development of a novel nanoparticle formulation for mRNA based therapeutic vaccination against HIV

    D'haese, S., Vanham, G., Aerts, J. & Allard, S. D.

    11/04/19 → …

    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  2. Assessing the antibody responses against arboviruses circulating in Peru – from basic immunology to new diagnostics

    Falconi Agapito, F., Ariën, K., Ariën, K., Dujardin, J. & Talledo, M.

    1/04/18 → …

    Project: PhD-projectAcademic research

  3. Development of a high-throughput Multiple Analyte Profiling technology to study flavivirus and alphavirus sylvatic reservoirs in African wildlife

    Ariën, K. & Janssens, N.

    Flemish Government - Department of Economy, Science & Innovation


    Project: Research Project

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