Organisation profile

The Unit of Mycobacteriology is dedicated to the control of tuberculosis, Buruli ulcer and other mycobacterial diseases. It  is a supranational reference laboratory for these illnesses. Besides fundamental research, it provide services nationally and internationally to clinical laboratories, control programs, NGO projects, and clinical trial support. These services include isolation and identification of mycobacteria and determination of resistance to TB drugs. In the context of clinical trial support it also supervise site laboratories in other countries.


The Unit has one of the largest and most diverse collections of well documented mycobacteria strains worldwide, characterised by phenotypic and/or genotypic tests. It comprises strains from human, animal and environmental origin from all continents spanning from 1960 to date. Following the research lines, the unit’s collection has an emphasis on M. tuberculosis complex M. ulcerans, with over 1000 isolates from all endemic countries, and fastidious non-tuberculous mycobacteria like M. genavense, M. haemophilum and M. lepraemurium.A subset of these strains (>600) are made available to the broader scientific community and industry through the BCCM/ITM public collection of mycobacterial strains.


Bouke de Jong  is head of the Mycobacteriology Unit.

Contact information

Nationalestraat 155
  • Phone: +32(0)32476590

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