Organisation profile


The Medical Helminthology Unit is part of the department of Biomedical Sciences. The unit investigates tropical parasitic worm diseases. The main-goal of this unit is to gain insight in the epidemiology and transmission of worm (co)infection in human populations. Even as the improvement of  the prevention, treatment and/or elimination. Based on epidemiological field studies, we study helminth transmission dynamics across time-space scales and in different ecological settings. Parasitological, immunological, molecular and GIS/ecological tools are used.The unit works on several cooperation projects in DR Congo, Cuba, Indonesia, Senegal, Mozambique.

Katja Polman is head of the Unit.


Main activities

  • Transmission dynamics of the parasite
  • Helminth interactions with other infections and diseases, and how these shape epidemiology and transmission in co-endemic areas,
  • Immuno-epidemiology of resistance and disease
  • The impact of Mass Drug Administration and other intervention strategies on host (re-)infection and morbidity patterns and on parasite population genetics.
  • Integration of control

Contact information

Nationalestraat 155
  • Phone: +32(0)32476204

ID: 4364